2Pac Adversaries

Badboy Entertainment
Tupac's beef with Bad Boy Records (Biggie, Puff Daddy, and Junior Mafia) began Nov. 30th, 1994. That was the night that Tupac was shot in New York. Tupac was going to the Quad Recording studio to appear on a song with rapper Lil Shawn. Puff Daddy, Notorious BIG, Lil Ceaser and several other Bad Boy artists were present upstairs in the studio. Tupac walked into the lobby of the studio along with Stretch and his manager when three men (two almost surely identified as King Tut and Haitian Jack) walked up behind them and began 'robbing' Pac and his entourage. They requested the group lay on the floor and give them their jewelry. Stretch, with no gun, apparently lied down fearing for his life. On the other hand Tupac did not. One of the gunmen had his gun on Tupac's abdomen. Tupac pushed the gun from his stomach down towards his leg so if he were shot it wouldn't be as serious. He then made a reach for his gun. Shot a few times, Pac fell to the floor. He was then shot a couple more times making 5 total, even shot in the head. The robbers then kicked him in the head a few times before taking his jewels (jewelry) and getting away.
Surprisingly, Tupac was able to, with help, get up and take the elevator to where the other artists were located. In a Vibe article, Tupac exclaimed that noone attempted to go to his aid. They were all just in shock that he was walking around and talking with such injuries. He said Lil Shawn was 'crying like a little bitch' In the video, "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted" Tupac 'acts' this scene out. He has a fake Puffy and Biggie. Biggie is pleading for his life. And Tupac forgives him for setting him up, as Pac saw it. Puff Daddy, Biggie, and Little Shawn, all have responses to Tupac's comments on what went on.
Biggie Smalls (The Notorious B.I.G.)
Tupac and Biggie were real close friends prior to Tupac's shooting. They used to hang together, Tupac used to let Biggie come on stage with him, and do raps, because nobody knew who Biggie was back then. Like a week before Tupac got shot in New York, Biggie told Pac, watch yourself, these guys your hanging with aren't cool. The guys he was hanging with were King Tut and Jacques Agnant, reported Black Mafia members. Pac also got a call from Mike Tyson saying these guys were "bad news." Pac kept trying to get a hold of Biggie to find out what was up, next time he saw Biggie was in the studio when he got shot. So he knew Biggie knew who did it. Tupac never blamed Biggie for the shooting, but was pissed off cause he didn't warn him. Then when Tupac was in jail, Biggie came out with an album, which sounded just like Tupacs' and Tupac had to change his whole album. Tupac was mad because Biggie was rapping about his cash, his parties, the tight clothes he was wearing, the jewelry and everything else. But Biggie didn't have any of that, nobody even knew who Biggie was, it was Tupac that gave Biggie everything. "He was rapping about my life." Tupac said. Biggie used to be his best friend, and completely turned on him, that's why Pac was so pissed off, and he knew Biggie was fake, and that's why through his lyrics, he tried to expose him. Tupac also said he slept with Big's wife, Faith Evans.
Sean "Puffy" Combs (Puff Daddy)
'Pac hated Puff Daddy for 3 main reasons. Number 1, Puffy ran with Biggie. "When I came out I told you it was just about Biggie, till everybody had to open their mouth with a mother fuckin opinion". Number 2, Puffy was the competition of Deathrow, Deathrow wanted to start Deathrow East and hold the entire industry on lock down. And number 3, Puffy was fake. He didn't write his own lyrics, his flow was weak, his beats were ripped, and he was a major disgrace to hip hop in general. "Remember that shit you said in Vibe about me being a Thug, well you can tell your homies whatever you want, but you and I know what's going on. Payback, I knew you bitch niggaz from way back, witness me strapped with maks, knew I wouldn't play that." This is a line from Against all Odds on the Makaveli CD. The day Pac was shot, it was an "attempted robbery", Pac's saying it was a setup, because he was carrying a gun at the time, and they knew he would pull it out and try and use it, and of course get shot. So the setup was made to look like a robbery, when in fact it wasn't. This brings Puffy into the planning of the setup.
Mobb Deep
"Oh yeah, Mobb Deep, you wanna fuck with us? You little young ass motherfuckers, Don't one of you niggaz got sickle cell or somethin? You fuckin with me nigga you fuck around, and have a seizure or a heart-attack. You better back the fuck up, 'fore you get smacked the fuck up. That's how we do it on our side".
Before Tupac went to jail he did an article in Vibe about giving up Thug Life. When Pac was in jail he was listening to the radio and heard a song by Mobb Deep which said "Thug Life, we still livin' it". So he had a bunch of his homies go to the Mobb Deep concert screaming Thug Life, trying to start sh*t, but Mobb Deep wouldn't even acknowledge them. Mobb Deep likes to talk a lot of sh*t in songs, but never backs them up. Which is why Tupac says "Next time grown folks talking ni**az close your mouth." Tupac considered himself on an entirely higher level than Mobb Deep and talked down to them like kids. Tupac smashed on them in the song Hit Em Up, even dissing the fact that one of them has sickle cell. Mobb Deep retaliated with "Drop a Gem on em".
Chino XL
He had a rhyme "raped like Tupac in Jail". When Tupac was doing an interview he said "Off the air, I'm gonna beat this niggaz ass." Chino XL wasn't really important enough a figure for Tupac to dis, dissing him would have only given him a name. I've never heard of any cd he's released, seen it in any stores or anything. Chino XL's single Rise came out. In "Jesus" he says, "Ever since Pac dissed me/Jersey tried to front on me."
Dan Quayle
"...Dan Quayle don't you know you need your ass, kicked? Where was you when it was niggas in the caskets?..."
This feud is kind of different from the others, since Quayle is not exactly a rapper... After 2pac's successful first solo album "2pacalypse Now", Dan Quayle, vice-president of the U.S at the time, called the world of music to ban this album, claiming its violent "cop-killing" lyrics influenced a man to kill a Texas Ranger. Quayle announced that "...There's absolutely no reason for a record like this to be published..." and "...It has no place in our society...".
Wendy Williams
"Fat bitch can't fuck with me, it's thug life biatch, I use to have love for them but now they turing on me, why me, I fuck around put a hit on your fat ass, I'll put Jenny Craig on your fat ass, you fat ho, anybody seen Wendy William's fat ass? Why you always wearing spandex? You fat bitch, I know your pussy stinks, you fat ho, I'm putting Jenny Craig on you bitch, I'm about to put a $20,000 dollar hit through Jenny Craig to come find your fat ass and put you in a fat farm bitch, thug life, outlawz, westside, bitch, it's Tupac so you know who said it."
Wendy Williams said that Tupac had got rapped in jail. And man did Tupac go off on her. It's an unreleased song, if you haven't heard about it, you have to download it. The verse starts: "Tell I got rapped in jail, picture that, revenge is a pay back bitch, that's what you get." And it goes on to diss her unbelievably.
C. Deloris Tucker
"Dear Ms. Deloris Tucker, keep stressen me fuckin' with a mutha fucken mind, I figured you wanted to know, you know, why we call them hoes bitches, and maybe this might help you understand it ain't personal, strictly business baby, strictly business."
She was a black women against Gangster Rap trying to put all kinds of censorships on it, basically saying it needed to be banned. Tupac saw this as "instead of trying to help a nigga you destroy a brother". He made reference to her in "Wonda Why they Call u Bitch", a song she says ruined her sex life, and as a result she's suing the estate of Tupac. How cowardly is it, when he released the song while he was alive, and she waits until he's dead to sue. She really is only out for the money.
Dr. Dre
"No longer dre day, arive derche, long and forgotten, gotten for plottin-child's play check your sexuality, as fruity as this alize quick to jump ship, punk trick, what a dumb move cross Death Row, now who you gonna run to? Like those other suckers cuz you similiar pretendin to be hard-oh my god-check your temperature, screamin Compton, but you can't return, you ain't heard brothas pissed cuz you switched and escaped to the burbs."
This beef started at the time of Snoops trial. Dre never showed up, which Tupac saw as a dis to Snoop and all of Deathrow. Then there was the fact that Dre hadn't released an album since The Chronic, and really wasn't doing a lot, while collecting a lot of money. Tupac also said that Dre was Gay, and said that Dre cheated on his wife. "What's down in the darkness, will come to light".
"...Heard The Fugees was trying to do me, look bitch I got your fate, this ain't no mother fuckin' movie...".

"Fugees and Mobb Deep trying to diss now too, huh?"
They say they haven't split up and will continue doing more new material soon. Even though they're a hip-hop band, they've been constantly saying gangsta-rap was too heavy. Apparently, they dissed 2pac too...
LL Cool J
"Hey LL, meet my lil homiez LL Cool J, say what, nigga I'll rock your motha fuckin bells, me and my motha fuckin lil homiez, outlawz, real niggas, my lil homiez, who wants to get with this old wild shit?"

"Call me a motha fucking troublemaker, Send me to jail, But watch me bust on L.L."
This beef started when LL Cool J got old and played out, developed a listening audience composed almost entirely of women and decided he needed something to try and make himself seem hardcore again. So he sided with Biggie and appeared on Brooklyn's Finest dissing Tupac. Then he came out with a song called, "I Shot Ya", a play off of Biggie's song "Who Shot Ya".
"Hey Nas remember that shit you said? I don't know what magazine you said some shit how I wasn't... nobody saying thugs until. Well whateva whatever, whatever. Nigga you better really go to the record store, go check out some of the albums you be putting out mutha fucka. We been saying on this thug shit for a while now. And I know you been listening cause you been biting this shit. So uh, recognize and realize before yo ass get rolled on!"
I'm not sure how this beef got started. But the Makaveli - 7 Day Theory Intro, pins Nas as an "alleged ring leader" of a conspiracy to kill Tupac. Nas, totally bites Tupac's style in his rhymes and tries to portray a Thug Image like Tupac's. "Pretending he took 5 like me, you livin fantasies kid" ... "Hey Nas your whole damn style is weak, You heard my melody, read about my life in the papers, all my run-ins with authorities, felonious capers, now you want to live my life, so what's the has-n-Nas, Niggaz that don't rhyme right." He used to diss Tupac all the time, now that Tupac's gone Nas says that Tupac is his favorite rapper, and has tons of lyrics about Tupac and how Tupac was so real, and he wishes Tupac was here so they could be the two biggest Thugs and the best rappers together on the same side. What a whiney, two-faced piece of shit.
Jay Z
I don't know much about the specifics of how this started. But Jay-Z did have a track off of his album 'Reasonable Doubt' called "Brooklyn's Finest" featuring Notorious BIG in which Biggie makes reference to Tupac sleeping with his wife (not a diss) but also says the line "Who Shot Ya" which could be looked upon as being a reference to the 1994 NY shooting. Maybe Jay-Z's association with that song and his association with other Bad Boy artists such as Junior Mafia and Lil Kim, Puffy, and, obviously, Biggie could have led to 2pac's disses. That's my best guess and all I have to say on the rivalry.

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